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Our policy on protecting personal information


AskAt Inc. handles personal information including individual names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses.
AskAt regards the protection of personal data that we have received from users as our du-ty. AskAt has established the following policy for the management of such information.

Handling Personal Information

The personal information covered by this policy includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other data that enable users to be identified or that are specific to individuals.
In principle, the personal data obtained by the company is information that has been sup-plied (registered) willingly by the user.
Only personal data necessary for achieving the purpose explained to users shall be col-lected. Users who do not wish to provide personal information to AskAt may choose not to do so.
However, in such cases, the user may not be able to utilize services for which such infor-mation is required.

Purpose of and limitations on the use of information

The company shall use personal information to respond to users’ questions, requests, and applications, to execute a contract concluded between the company and user, and provide information regarding products and services to users.

The collection and use of personal information for other purposes

When personal information is collected and used for other purposes, the company must either inform the user directly or provide prior explanation regarding how and why infor-mation is to be used.
In addition, the company may use personal information for statistical data if the identity of the individuals cannot be determined.

Principle on the non-disclosure of personal data to third parties

The company will not disclose data provided or recorded by users to third parties. The only exceptions are as follows:

  • The user has granted AskAt permission to do so.
  • When it is necessary to make personal data available to group companies, affiliates, busi-ness partners, and outsourcing firms with which AskAt has an agreement concerning the management of personal data and for the purpose of achieving a goal that is clearly ex-plained to the user.
  • When the data has been converted to statistical information and the identity of the user cannot be determined.
  • When the provision of the data is mandated by law.

Administration of personal information

The personal data received from users will be administered strictly by the staff person in charge of information management and website administration, and adequate policies will be put into place to prevent leaks, diversion, and falsification of data. In the event that AskAt’s website has terms of service and other special provisions, these provisions shall be given preference over those in the “Personal Information Protection Policy.”
Employees shall receive instructions regarding direct handling of personal information, and reasonable efforts will be made to ensure protection of this data.

Compliance and improvements

AskAt will comply strictly with laws, regulations, and other provisions concerning the management of personal data and will make continual improvements to ensure that this information is properly handled.
The Personal Information Protection Policy shall be revised on an ongoing basis as ap-propriate.