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Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Corporate Philosophy

We will deliver revolutionary new drugs
to people around the world suffering
from medical conditions as quickly as possible.

AskAt’s Strategy
  1. 1.Implement an integrated innovation platform to launch research and development projects that are optimized to meet unmet needs with high potential therapeutic value.
  2. 2.Efficiently license out compounds to biopharmaceutical companies in a position to develop alternative usage models and applications that expand the reach of our portfolio.
  3. 3.Leverage an expansive network of universities and laboratories as partners in conducting animal pharmacology, safety trials, and research to identify leading-edge concepts necessary for optimized licensing to achieve portfolio value

Vision, Mission, and Objective

  • Vision
  • Accelerate network-based innovation to extract maximum value from breakthrough compounds for patients with incurable diseases.
  • Mission
  • Provide high-value, innovative compounds to development partners in ways that minimize risk and maximize therapeutic potential.
  • Objective
  • Enhance value for shareholders by efficiently producing and licensing intellectual property in our core areas of research.