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About AskAt

A Core Team of Experts, an Expansive Network of Partnerships

AskAt is a bio-pharmaceutical venture company based in Nagoya, Japan. AskAt’s founders launched the start-up as a spin-out from RaQualia Pharma Inc. in 2013. The team and the portfolio are originally rooted in Pfizer Global Research and Development. AskAt’s research and development and business professionals each bring several decades of experience working for leading, global pharmaceutical companies.

AskAt’s compounds under development are primarily targeted at cancer, pain, dementia, and autoimmune diseases. AskAt has built on a deep range of exploratory research first conducted by our scientists and colleagues together at Pfizer Nagoya Laboratories. The compounds have significant potential to become either a ”first-in-class” or a “best-in-class” therapeutics in their respective disease areas. Askat’s value proposition for partners and stakeholders is based on a rich, innovative portfolio, research and development expertise built over decades of experience, a broad, deep, and global IP management strategy, and leading-edge project management.

AskAt’s approach to catalyzing the value of these assets and impact for society is built on networked partnering. We seek to maximize collaboration and integrated development for speed and efficiency, allowing us to more effectively deliver ground-breaking medications to waiting patients around the world.