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Message from the President

Delivering hope and happiness to people around the world through the development of new drugs

President Akihiro Furuta
Akihiro Furuta

Synthetic drugs made their appearance in the nineteenth century, beginning with the discovery of aspirin (acetylsalicylicacid). Mass production of penicillin from a chemical compound commenced during World War II. Newly developed medications were made available to patients suffering from diseases, and lives were saved. After World War II, rapid advances in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biology, and chemistry set the stage for the development of new and highly effective treatments. People were able to enjoy an unprecedented standard of good health and longevity.

Though the drugs we have today can cure or control many diseases, there are still a very large number of conditions for which effective treatments are needed, including cancer, dementia, and autoimmune diseases. Recently, revolutionary treatments, such as antibody drugs, have appeared on the scene; however, many are prohibitively expensive and concerns regarding the strain they put on national health care budgets limit their use. For AskAt, bringing new medications to patients with incurable diseases is our essential mission.

AskAt has set its sights on developing revolutionary drugs featuring completely new mechanisms. At the same time, AskAt is focused on the important issue of expanding access to these therapeutic breakthroughs to as many patients as possible worldwide.

AskAt is dedicated to expeditiously delivering pioneering treatments to people suffering from medical disorders. We collaborate with individuals and organizations that share our vision. Our goal is to work together towards this objective and to bring hope and happiness to millions of patients and their families.