USPTO Grants Expansion of AskAt’s EP4 Antagonist Cancer Use Patent


AskAt Inc. (AskAt) received a Notice of Allowance dated January 21, 2020 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in connection with Application No. 15/602,686, a use patent for AskAt’s EP4 antagonist AAT-007 in the treatment of epithelial cancers. AskAt previously received an allowance for the use of AAT-007 in the treatment of gastric, lung, prostate, colon, and breast cancers. The current allowance significantly expands the use of AAT-007, covering most tumors that occur in a variety of tissues and organs.


Clinical Development of AskAt’s EP4 Antagonists for Cancer Immunotherapy
Ikena Oncology (formally Kyn Therapeutics, a parent company of Arrys Therapeutics, which licensed worldwide rights to AskAt’s EP4 antagonists except in China) and Ningbo NewBay Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Ningbo Tai Kang Medical Technology Co. Ltd., which licensed AskAt’s EP4 antagonists for cancer use in China), are currently conducting clinical studies of grapiprant (IK-007/RMX-1002) in the U.S. and China, respectively.