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About AskAt

It is not enough to merely work harder.

Cutting-edge science, a deep,
optimized network across the globe,
and an unwavering commitment to the discovery of novel drugs combine to form the driving force behind
our success changing treatment regimens to enhance outcomes.

A Core Team of Experts,
an Expansive Network of Partnerships

  • AskAt was founded in 2013 as a spinoff of RaQualia Pharma Inc., but its roots reside in Pfizer Inc.’s global research and development. Most of AskAt’s compounds, which are primarily targeted at cancer, pain, dementia, eye diseases, and autoimmune diseases, are an outgrowth of explora-tory research put in place when AskAt scientists were still part of Pfizer Research and Develop-ment Laboratory in Nagoya, Japan.

    Each AskAt compound has significant potential to become either a first-in-class or a best-in-class therapeutic in its respective disease area. Since its inception, AskAt has advanced each program in research and development.

  • AskAt has built a strong network of top-ranking universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventures, and contract research organizations across multiple countries. AskAt’s strategy centers on utilizing this global, integrated collaboration network to continually add value to each of its candidate programs.

    AskAt’s team is comprised of seasoned drug discovery professionals, each of whom brings several decades of experience working for leading, global pharmaceutical companies.

    The combination of AskAt’s highly innovative compounds, deep experience in complex project management, strong and deep intellectual property portfolio, cutting-edge drug discovery expertise, and a leading research and development network of collaborative institutions positions the company to offer very significant value for its partners.

Global Collaborations
for Global Scale

  • AskAt is implementing drug discovery via an open collaboration network across multiple countries and markets. Partnering with leading universities and research institutions is at the core of this approach. Our partner institutions include Gifu University, Chiba University, Yokohama City University, and Tokyo Science University in Japan, the University of Maryland and University of Texas in the United States, and Western Ontario University in Canada.

  • AskAt is currently conducting a very promising clinical research collaboration in immuno-oncology with the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center. AskAt has also embarked on similar joint programs with pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology ventures.

Relentless Pursuit of
Enhanced Quality of Life
and Happiness for All

AskAt endeavors to utilize its technologies and network
to realize innovation in drug discovery and deliver hope
and happiness to patients and their families around the world.